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Cabinet Hinge | 櫃門鉸鏈 | OLYMPIA

Cabinet Hinge | 櫃門鉸鏈 | OLYMPIA


Finally, a hinge that allows you to match the soft-close speed for different sized door. It is designed to be a leader of the next generation of the long history of the concealed hinges.

Wide product range to cover various doors. Models with built-in damper sprung-open as well as with or without catch versions are available (certain types for indent order only) .

OLYMPIA 鉸鏈能允許客人按照不同大小的門來調較最理想的緩關速度。Sugatsune 獨自研發的「LAPCON」阻尼技術初次應用在隱藏式鉸鏈中,旨在悠久的鉸鏈史上成為新一代的領導者。產品範圍廣泛,涵蓋各種開啟方式的門:帶內置阻尼、一按即開式、帶扣力或無扣力的型號可供選擇 (部份規格只供訂貨)。

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