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Modern-style Door Handles | 現代系列門把手

Modern-style Door Handles | 現代系列門把手


Ento is a Salice Paolo brand – a historic classic handle company founded in Cantù in 1937. It is positioned in the high-end of the market and distributed to more than 80 countries.

Architectural space design involves elements and furnishing accessories.  Hardware for doors and windows falls into the latter category, which is often seen as secondary when it can be a precious resource for discreetly defining a project’s personality.

The ENTO handle approach is based on its complementary function and appearance. Our name is an incomplete word, just like doors and windows without mechanisms that allow them to be opened or closed.

The range products design is a personal vision, which avoids any extremes. Ento offers designers a high-quality alternative in the field of door and window handles.

Ento is confident with its quality and so it offers warranty up to 15 years for its special finished goods.

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