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Custom-Motorized Mechanisms | 定制電動五金系統

Custom-Motorized Mechanisms | 定制電動五金系統


  • MANUFACTURED AND ASSEMBLED IN ITALY according to ISO :9001 standards.
  • PATENT nr. 0001330426
  • Using high quality materials such as:
  • Anodised aluminium 110 EN AW – 6082/AlMg4Si 1
  • Stainless steel grade 316.
  • All items CE marked No: 2006/42/CE – 93/68 CEE.


Mechanical characteristics:

  • Lateral sliders are maintenance free and have a double prism for greater strength and durability.
  • Transmission via reversible continuously rated electric motors for 12V & 24V dc and 115V & 230V ac.
  • Drive connection to stainless steel calibrated shaft via conical epicycloidal gearing, which reduces vibration and noise.
  • Travel of mechanism limited by adjustable micro switches, with mechanical stops fitted in the unlikely event of a failure.
  • Support brackets for TV screens are made from stainless steel with pre-drilled holes that align with the specific make and model of TV.


Electrical characteristics:

  • Wiring is housed within a flameproof flexible covering that prevents the wiring from being crushed or cut.
  • Devices with manual or electrical rotation have a safety device that ensures the TV cannot be lowered unless it is perfectly aligned.
  • Other important features include:

- gears and all moving parts are covered to prevent damage.
- electrical components are housed in an ABS waterproof container IP 66.
- all components protected by circuit breaker.
- safety device incorporated to prevent overloading or inverting the polarity.
- pre-wired system with operation via two way switch (not supplied) or optional remote control with 2 or 4 channels depending on the number of functions.
- optional FREE SHOCK SYSTEM which stops the unit operating immediately if it is subjected to excessive force.

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